Monday, January 12, 2015

Musings on Politics

These posts are getting fewer and further between. So sorry! I have just a quick thought to share tonight about politics. Don't go running!

Juneau's population is 30,000 and Alaska as a whole is 700,000. We have local assembly members, a mayor, state reps and senators, a governor and lt. governor,  2 U.S. senators and 1 U.S. representative. We bump into these people at the grocery store frequently- or at  least- know them through a friend. Especially in Juneau, we are not surprised to pass them on the street. I waited in line for a sandwich with Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott the other day. I've played trombone already for our new governor, Bill Walker. It's only a matter of time until I know him personally. This is how things work in Juneau! We are special for being such a small community in such a large space, but anyone can be this connected to local government if they want. They just have to put the effort in. I lived in Boston for 7+ years and never knew how the city was run- besides Tom Menino being mayor. I'd like to think that if I moved back today, I could be more involved because you CAN be more involved. Politics are not out of our reach!

The topics today in the office were: I was SO glad I attended the inaugural ball OR I was SO sad I did NOT attend the inaugural ball. I am in the latter camp. I will try to post some pictures tomorrow. So magical!

Thank you, Michael Penn and the Juneau Empire for this image!

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