Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Puppy Mama at Last

So sorry for the lack of posts in the last month. I've been... pretty busy.

On December 13th, Butters the Border Collie puppy arrives in Juneau via Alaska Airlines Flight 62. I'll keep the text portion of this post short because the pictures will mostly speak for themselves. She's an amazing puppy, and I feel very lucky to have her. She is definitely challenging at times - mostly when she doesn't want to be asleep in her kennel late at night. We had a dog when I was kid, but my dad was the one who really did the training and hard work with him. Being responsible for Butters is a new experience.

While I'm lucky to have her as a puppy, I like to think that she's lucky to have me as a mom and also to be here in Juneau. She gets a nice run on Sandy Beach every day on my lunch break, and I get to take her to even more adventures on my off days. She turns 3 months old tomorrow. Hopefully we can celebrate with wins by the Seattle Seahawks AND New England Patriots!! That will be a subject for a whole other post, I'm sure.

Meanwhile, meet Butters. She came from Midnight Border Collies in Washington.

Our first selfie - 10 minutes after being introduced

First day home - toys: acceptable

Riding a Musk Ox

Paying our respects to Romeo the Wolf

Kameko is *okay*

Wiped out

At the coffee Drive-thru

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  1. oh my Katy, so cuuttteee, I'm happy that you have such a furry buddy to hang with, what a blessing. Hugs, Lilly and Saadi