Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ice Caves and the Joys of Winter

Winter is definitely here. Snow has covered Juneau and will remain until April. There's lot of annoying aspects of winter here, but today I discovered one of the advantages. I joined a group of people from the Juneau Photo Group for a trek out to the ice cave at Mendenhall Glacier- a place I've been three times before this year but in the summer. Today was different because instead of a long hike along the lake and over the glacier, we could cross the lake itself since it has long since frozen! Instead of a few hours, we walked the ~2 miles across the lake in about 45 minutes. Then it was an easy climb up and over the glacier to the cave. Inside the cave, there was still some flowing water, but it was mostly frozen up and much drier because it wasn't melting so much. Roundtrip, including lots of photo op stops and a good chunk of time in the cave itself, it was only a three hour event. In the summer it took at least twice as long. I have designs to go back there again soon... but with props and other fun things. Stay posted!

There was an article on Huffington Post the other day about this ice cave. I scrolled down through the pictures and came upon the video that they included. Huh. I wonder who's video? I clicked on it... Katy Giorgio. HA! I'm now Huffington Post famous. Moving up in the world!

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