Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Weather Predictions

We've got a snow storm coming in... so they tell me. In Juneau, the weather is much less predictable than in my last two homes of Boston and Houston. The collision of the Pacific Ocean and Canadian-Alaskan Rocky mountains keep the forecasters on their toes. They can't give us any detailed information of when or what weather will come through with any great deal of accuracy. I am not accustomed to this.

Here is was weather forecast maps looked like in Boston and Massachusetts:

Clearly Fitchburg is fine but Cambridge is in for a blow!

Definitely know how much snow I'm getting

Yup, tornado skipping my house for sure

No escape in the Houston Metropolitan Area

?????????? ... it's snowing heavily in Juneau right now... 
... and this. 

It's better just to look out the window and make your own forecast:


Party Cloudy


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