Monday, October 28, 2013

Puppy Pregnant

There are some things that seem like they should be issued to every newcomer to Juneau. First and foremost: a pair of XtraTufs. I got a hold of some of those boots shortly after I arrived last year.

They're pretty great, and they are popular footwear here for a reason!

Once "Dent the Car" went to the farm in June, it was replaced with a Suburu Forester- another standard Juneau vehicle. We're just getting into the winter months now, and I look forward to see how well it does in the snow and ice in these steep streets we have around town.

So here I am a year in with one last item to check off on my list. A dog. We had a yellow lab, Max, growing up, but I've only had cats as an adult. A dog was never possible in my various living situations- especially not in Boston. Well it seems that the time has finally come for me to take the puppy plunge! I deposited with a Border Collie breeder in Washington State earlier this summer, and a litter was born on October 19th. I have picked out one of the puppies, and she should arrive around Christmas. Midnight Border Collies Website

Meet Butters!

1 Day Old Butters

River and her six puppies

So I'm quite nervous, but I can't wait to spend the winter training my little lady. I chose to go with a border collie because of their extreme intellect. I wanted a dog that I could really engage with and train. I'll be getting Butters right around the winter solstice so our first few months together will include a lot of walks in the dark. I think the overall timing should be great- I'll have an energetic dog in time for next summer. She should be more than ready to hit the trails with me. I imagine a tough road ahead, though. It is especially challenging to find pet-friendly rentals in Juneau. I think I have enough flexibility with my current situation that I'll be okay when the time comes to find another living situation.

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