Sunday, June 30, 2013

Floatplane Trip to the Take Glacier Lodge

Being a huge cruise ship destination, Juneau has many many tours and excursions that are geared towards the cruise passengers. The one that most people around think is the best excursion is the "Flight and Feast" at the Take Glacier Lodge. From downtown Juneau near the cruise ship docks, you board a small 10-seater floatplane. There's a 35 minute flight seeing ride over the water, mountains, several glaciers and the Juneau ice field that feeds dozens of glaciers in southeast Alaska. You're then dropped off at the Take Glacier Lodge which is located on the Taku river across from a 5 mile-wide glacier. There's a grilled salmon meal and time to explore the grounds around the lodge. After a couple of hours at the lodge, the floatplane returns to bring you back to Juneau.

The lodge location is indicated by the pink marker. 
My parents were visiting from Massachusetts last week, and I suggested that we splurge and take this tour- it's not cheap as you might imagine! We booked ourselves for last Friday- my parents' last full day in Alaska. We were so lucky with the weather! It really couldn't have been any better. It was in the 70s and partly cloudy. Out at the glacier, there was a slight breeze that kept the mosquitoes at bay. According to the staff that lives out there all summer, they have been absolutely terrorized by them so far this year. We all agreed that it was well worth the $245 price tag.

The Juneau Ice Field

Dear old Mom and Dad

Grillin' salmon

Hummingbird and Moose

Ready to eat!!

Helicopter on a glacier

Looking towards Juneau


  1. Nice pics Katy!!! I know how it feels to have fam visit Alaska. It's awesome and sad to see them go. I totally get it! xo Ashdogg

  2. My brain had a hard time processing that giant glacier next to a sunny forest. Amazing photo!