Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Epic Memorial Day Weekend

Like whoa. That was a good weekend. We were lucky enough to have incredible weather all weekend. Except for an overcast morning on Saturday, we had clear skies and ~70 degrees for our 3-day Memorial Day weekend. I'm looking around at folks at work today, and everyone has a suntan. I said, "If you don't have a suntan, you didn't do it right." Everyone has stories about the awesome adventures they had this weekend. There's a strong positive vibe all around, and it's darn cool. Going into the weekend, I actually had very little planned. I was even feeling a bit down about it. Since I'm single now, things have seemed a bit lonely. However, I feel very different now because In realize how many activity companions I have... multiply the amount of things to do in Juneau (especially in good weather) and voila! The following photo essay of my spectacular Memorial Day weekend.

Kayaking to the Sea Lion Rookery on Benjamin Island

A 4.3' minus tide exposed many of the sea's critters

Auntie Debbie's Pom Pom Primroses

Out of Town Guests at Mendenhall Glacier

Drinking glacier water... from a GLACIER

Don't fall into the glacier

Ice Cave at the Mendenhall Glacier

Iceberg on Mendenhall Lake

Inspecting the face of the glacier

Seagulls and Nugget Falls


Another Mendenhall Iceberg

Arctic Terns

Auntie Debbie and Mendenhall Lake Icebergs

Why does this bull sea lion remind me of Dr. Seuss?

Hark! I am speaking!

Our kayaks on Benjamin Island

Raise them flippers in the air like you just don't care*

*They totally DID care. We got too close, and ~30 of the sea lions started charging our kayaks. We paddled away quickly... to put it mildly.

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