Monday, April 22, 2013

The First Six Months

Six months ago today, I arrived in Juneau... fresh off the ferry. I have definitely flourished here! I've been told that I set a land speed record for settling in. I agree. Here are a few highlights from my first 180 days as an Alaskan.

On the ferry

Kameko survived the trip, but only with the help of kitty xanax.
My first full day in Alaska, I hiked to Herbert Glacier on a glorious day

My XtraTufs, my loves

Officially Alaska... license and all

Oh, and I landed a job within two weeks of arriving!

My 32nd Birthday... king crab for dinner!
Fully assimilated.

It's true.

Kameko adapts to the snow

Not too shabby for a Thursday morning on the way to work

I even landed a trombone gig!

Thunder Mountain Big Band
...then later with the Juneau Wind Ensemble
I met the governor.

...and had many adventures in dogsitting.

Juneau is lovely in the winter
Oh, and my Alaska boyfriend sent me flowers on Valentine's Day

...and we know how to make each other laugh

Dent had a little "accident"

...but I added Oliver to my family.

I've already logged 250 miles in 6 weeks

The local papa razzi caught me in the act

Ahhhh Mount Juneau
A rainbow brightened Juneau's rainy afternoon

...and I continue to work on my pet photography.

Hello Mr. Mountain Goat!

I think the winter looks good on me.

...and I spread the Bunny Barhop cheer to Juneau

The Bunny Queen in her full glory

Everyday, I'm captivated by my surroundings

Max's 30th Birthday... a bonfire on the beach

He wore his new kilt with pride.

Oh, and I'm going back to school for a Masters in Public Administration
We were treated to the northern lights

...and some other Bostonians and I show our support after the Boston Marathon bombings

Dear oh dear. If that was the FIRST six months, what's in store for the next six????

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  1. You continue astound and amaze..
    Wow! Awesome ride, Katy !
    So glad you are finding your own authentic life!
    Kiss, kiss, kiss!