Friday, March 29, 2013

Tonight we hop!

Most people define their years from January 1 - January 1. I, on the other hand, measure a year as the time between Bunny Barhops.

I used to organize the Boston Bunny Barhop with friends. It's a pub crawl with bunny ears. Some people just go with the drug store bunny ears, and some others wear full-on rabbit costumes! The motto is "Just Wear the Friggin' Ears!" It's great fun. They're going on their 9th Annual Boston Bunny Barhop tonight! I knew that one of the things I would miss most in Boston was the hop. However, the Bunny Queen doesn't let a change of city and state stop her from carrying on this awesome springtime tradition!

Tonight, I am hosting the totally epic 1st Annual Juneau Bunny Barhop! Downtown Juneau has a zillion bars, so we're donning our bunny ears and getting crunk. I've been losing sleep over it, though. I've been apprehensive because I'm sure there will be a few kinks. Also, I'm pretty much running this shin-dig solo tonight. In Boston, I had a team of "Rabbit Rangers" to help organize and corral bunnies.

If Facebook is any indication though, I think it will be a big crowd tonight. We're at 80 RSVPs, with another 55 maybes and 1800 not yet responded. That's pretty good for a little town like Juneau. It seems that whenever I talk to folks about it, they've already heard about the event. Even friends of mine knew about the event before they knew I was in charge of it!

View 1st Annual Juneau Bunny Barhop in a larger map
I've been making progress getting the last few things ready for tonight, but I think I'm ready. I will be sure to post again after I've recovered this weekend. Hopefully there will be tons of embarrassing photographic evidence to share.

Some examples of the barhop stickers that I give out

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