Monday, February 25, 2013

Sun! Glorious Sun!!

The sun is out in Juneau today for the first time in WEEKS. Folks here remember the specific day in mid-January... the last day we had sun like this. It's stunning out. A common theme here is that we all put up with the rain, clouds and fog 95% of the time just so we get days like this.

I'd like to fake a seizure to get out of work today. Governor Hammond used to give state employees the day off on a sunny day after a long stretch of bad weather.

Photo courtesy of Kim Metcalfe

Coast Guard ship on Gastineau Channel on my way into town this morning

My work cats are sunning their bums today
Goodbye, Sun. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Surprise

Well, it's been a super week. How could it not be great after starting out with a Jake Shimabukuro ukulele concert on Monday night? I had one of those moments sitting there, watching one of my favorite musicians, sitting arm in arm with my new special someone when I thought to myself, "Well, isn't this perfect?. I'm so damn happy."

Jake can play Bohemian Rhapsody on the ukulele.

So yeah, there's a guy. He sent flowers to me at work today.


He and his boss have been stranded in Skagway, Alaska for work for the last day or so. The weather has been crummy, and the plane with the parts they need for the job can't get in. However, we've figured out how to make the most out of the situation! The boss's fiance and I are going to fly up to Skagway in the morning, and then the four of us plan to drive up to Whitehorse, YT, Canada for the weekend! I'm really excited because we'll have a blast, but also because I've heard awesome things about the drive between Skagway and Whitehorse and the towns themselves. I promise to take tons of pictures.

Now do the happy weather dance! We have to fly in a tiny prop plane to Skagway, and if the weather is crummy, we don't go.

View Whitehorse Weekend in a larger map

 I've also been making serious headway with plans for the 1st Annual Juneau Bunny Barhop this week! I've been in touch with a couple of the bars and the dark overlord of the best radio station in town. They've been helping to promote the event... which is still 6 weeks away. The scheming has been really productive this week. 

 So anyway... I am happy. Happier than Grumpy Cat at least. 


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What a glorious sunrise

I've quickly learned how to predict a spectacular sunrise. The sunrises right now are around 7:45am. It's so often overcast here, but some mornings, if there are breaks in the clouds looking south down the channel, it usually results in a doozy of a sunrise. This was such a morning. I had extra time before work so I grabbed a coffee and crossed the bridge to Douglas Island. I drove down to an area known as Sandy Beach. There were 5 other cars parked there- waiting like me for the show to start. Now this is how to start a Wednesday.

Feeling happy today.

I took these with my phone. 

Proof that I was there

Downtown Juneau from across the channel