Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Katy Goes to the DMV

I do declare. The Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles in Juneau provided me with very fast and friendly service today! Despite having several business transactions to take care of (I needed a new drivers license- for which I had to take a knowledge test, vehicle registration, a title change, new plates and a new state employee ID), I was in and out in a jiff. Also, everyone was friendly! What a departure from what I'm used to back east!

With all my spare time afterwards, I stopped by the glacier for a little stroll. We're having great weather in Juneau today after a long stretch of crap.

Now I'm official! However, I may still qualify as a cheechacko for a while. 


  1. That's awesome! :) Welcome to AK! -- DMV emp.

  2. This is great! Welcome to Alaska! :)

  3. Juneau DMV you are the BOMB.COM, good job, customer satisfaction.