Sunday, January 6, 2013


One of the first days I was in Juneau, we were at Superbear food market, and there were young kids selling raffle tickets- a fundraiser for their soccer team, I think. Aunt Sue didn't hesitate to buy a couple. The youth sports teams in Juneau need to raise a lot of money to travel- they almost always have to fly out if they want to play a team outside of Juneau. Sue used to do a lot of fundraising for my cousins' teams when they were growing up so she supports these teams whenever she can. Even more than that,  I think Sue bought tickets because there's a giving culture here in Juneau. We're all stuck on this "island" of 32,000 people, and we support each other- especially the youngsters who need the resources to get out once in a while. I've already attended one gala fundraiser for the local trails improvement organization, Trail Mix, and I buy raffle tickets whenever I'm asked to. It's just what you do in Juneau.

In addition to fundraising, I've also been experience a lot generosity from people as a new Juneau-ite. Folks have wanted to make sure I'm meeting people and have the right winter gear. Also, I've found that if someone has something to share, they share it!

Just yesterday, a friend of mine realized that we are the same size for skis and boots, and she straight-up GAVE me her downhill skis, boots and poles! She tore her ACL skiing a few years back, and she said she'll never downhill ski again. The skis had been collecting dust in the garage, and Timi knew I was just starting to get into skiing. "Have them! They're yours!" Man, am I lucky!? My big-time skiing cousin saw them when I got home and confirmed what I already knew- they are really nice skis and in great condition. Oh, and they fit perfectly. :)

My "new" Dynastar Outland skis & boots
I feel like I've always been a very generous person (to a fault at times), but perhaps this is more than the Juneau culture. Perhaps karma is paying me back a little right now. I'll take it.

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