Friday, December 28, 2012

Winter Stylin'

You may have heard that Anchorage is the worst-dressed city in America. Well, by association, that probably also means Juneau and Fairbanks are also at the top of that list. Well, I think we're all pretty darn happy to be called "badly dressed" if it means we're comfy and safe in the winter months.

Many people, especially women, have found ways to spruce up their looks in the winter. I see a lot of fashionable knit or wool caps, bright jackets, and now "snow skirts". I see them on lots of women around Juneau. It's like snow pant material but in skirt form. They can go over pants or jeans, but I got one mostly so that I can put it on over my work clothes- which just about always includes a dress or skirt. My snow skirt works perfectly as snow, rain and cold protection to and from work.

Here is my typical work commute outfit. Fleece-lined hat, heavy winter parka, warm fleece gloves, snow skirt and the ever-present, standard Alaska-issue insulated XtraTuf boots. I also received a pair of Bogs band boots for Christmas. They are very popular here, too.  I'm also planning to get my hands on a pair of cleats. Not that those are part of the "style"- just useful winter equipment.

Ohio Cousin Gordy's Winter Style. Nice gloves!
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  1. Quite frankly, the most important consideration during winter is staying warm. It's nice to do that in style. However, some areas are colder than others. I think the styles that are popular in some parts of the nation are due more to the temperature during the cold months than anything else.