Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Katy Meets the Governor of Alaska

I haven't been in Alaska two months, and already I've been on TV and met the Governor. I think that's a pretty good start. There's a Christmas Cookies at the Governor's Mansion tradition here, and today a couple of my co-workers and I took a late lunch break and walked up the hill to the "White House of the North". Sean and Sandy Parnell greeted guests, cabinet members handed out hot cider, an incredible spread of cookies and fudge was available, and the house was beautifully decorated for Christmas.

I went right up to Governor Parnell and introduced myself. I dropped my Uncle Larry's name (the Parnells have had my aunt and uncle over for dinner before). I told him that this was my first Alaska Christmas, and I had just moved from Boston. He asked me about where I'm working so I told him (very proudly) that I'm at the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation. Sandy mentioned that they had been in Boston this summer and had visited John Adams house. They were just lovely.

I highly recommend checking it out in the future if you live in Juneau. We were warned about long lines, but we got there right at 3pm when they opened and waited only 5 minutes to get inside.

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