Monday, December 3, 2012

Aurora Overcastialis

Too bad Juneau is so cloudy all the time. There's a decent chance for the northern lights in Southeast tonight, but it's cloudy... as usual. I'm crossing my fingers for a good night while I'm housesitting out in the sticks on Lena Point over the holidays. They're waaaay out of town so there will be minimal light pollution. Also, the nearest beach to this house faces north- the best direction for aurora viewing. I promise to have my camera charged and ready at all times in case of some activity in the sky.

I've seen the northern lights twice in my life so far. Once in the late 80s in Wisconsin and again this summer from a plane when I was flying back down south from Anchorage in July (see below).

I check this website frequently to see what the aurora forecast is. It's pretty cool!

Aurora Forecast from University of Alaska

Aurora Borealis from the plane- flying from Anchorage to Minneapolis July 2012
(Rising Moon, Venus, Jupiter also pictured)

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