Sunday, November 4, 2012


I'm sure there will be MANY more posts about the weather in Juneau... it's a big topic. I've only experienced Juneau in the summer until now so from here on out to next June will be a new adventure for me. The summer high temperatures are in the 60s, and the winters stay relatively mild.

Juneau Weather
Boston Weather

Of course, it rains a lot. Juneau is in a temperate rainforest, receiving more than 100 inches of rainfall per year. Along with rain comes lots of cloudy days, too. Generally, Juneau is dark, wet and cold. Mmmm. Many people have the special lamps that help with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and I plan to get one, too. This one caught my eye because it helps you wake up in the morning. I especially don't enjoy getting out of bed when it's dark out, and that will definitely be the case much of the year.

...and then there's snow, wind and avalanches. We've already seen a bit of snow in town, and it's only November 4. There's lots of snow up in the 3000ft+ mountains around Juneau. I'm probably going to need studded tires for Dent. The road out to my aunt and uncle's house is pretty treacherous in the winter.  There's also an avalanche zone along the road. I believe there are avalanches every year on that mountain, and they usually cover the road. There are snow scientists that can predict avalanches, and they frequently launch charges from across the channel that will trigger avalanches when they know one is imminent. That will be interesting.

Avalanche sign on Thane Road

Surprisingly, we had bright sunshine the first eight days I was here. Everyone has been talking about how wonderful October was this year, and it's usually one of the crappier weather months. The summer here was particularly dreary and cold so folks were very appreciative of the good weather. Today is a different story, however.

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