Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Update from Utah

Greetings from Salt Lake City, Utah! I have to keep this post short because, again, I'm needing to go to sleep after a long day of travel. I need a secretary to come along to take notes and type up my posts for me! Better yet, I should have a chauffeur/butler so that I can wistfully gaze out the window at America passing by and write a truly wonderful blog. Whatever.

800 miles yesterday. Another 600 today. The best decision I've made all week is taking I-70 instead of I-80 from Denver to SLC. The drive through the Rockies and then Glenwood Canyon was breathtaking. I have video to post later when not posting from my phone... as I am now. Also, the next decision I've made all year is to drive across the country the 3rd week of October. What glorious foliage everywhere! I've told people this before, but I'll say it again: Utah is awesome. I think it's my favorite state in the lower 48 for overall quality of scenery. The people are a different matter...

Kameko has figured out how to be happy in the car without being drugged. I'm pretty sure she had a xanax hangover yesterday.

12 hour drive ahead of me tomorrow. Next stop is Bend, Oregon. It should be a cool trip through northern Utah, Idaho and Oregon.

I'll try to video blog tomorrow for y'all.

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