Monday, October 15, 2012

Midwest Monday!

Happy Midwest Monday! I left Bloomington, Indiana today after a sleepless night. Kameko was up all night, pacing around the room meowing. I was so completely exhausted, and I still couldn't sleep because of her. We departed Jorja's around 9:30am, and we had another gorgeous drive to Peoria, Illinois. We spent the first couple of hours on state highways- which typically are much nicer to drive on than the interstates. Kameko was still in a manic mode, so I eventually had to pull over to give the Xanax another try. Here's what the drive had been like before the Xanax:


The lovely Jorja Fleezanis, my Bloomington, Indiana host
I stopped in Peoria for lunch with my friend, Beth, and then I continued on towards Cedar Rapids. I crossed the Mississippi today! I have visited most of the 50 states, and I was excited to cross Iowa off the list today. Tomorrow, Nebraska. I'll only have three left after tomorrow (Kentucky, North Dakota and Missouri). Those will have to wait for another time.

The bridge over the Mississippi River to Iowa
I arrived this evening in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where I'm staying with a friend I know through Wilderness Volunteers. He and his family have a beautiful house and over 100 acres of land- some of which they farm. We let Kameko loose, despite the dogs, and she made herself right at home. I was pretty shocked by how comfortable she was here... perhaps it was the Xanax actually doing its job this time!

Kameko making herself comfortable

Iowa Sunset
Yet again, I'm too tired to post much more tonight. Tomorrow's destination is Denver, Colorado! Should be a pretty boring drive across Iowa and Nebraska, but I've got a drugged cat and mix CDs to keep me company!

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  1. Such a brave little kitty... and such an awesome Katy!!! Grateful to hear of your adventures across the continent... keep on postin'!!!