Friday, October 5, 2012

Last day of my reign at The Boston Conservatory

Today, on my last day of work, I "held court" in my office. All day long, I received guests, hugs and presents. It was wonderful. There wasn't a dull moment all day. The well wishers came in, one after another. Again today, I did a pretty good job holding myself together. Deep breaths help A LOT. There were a couple of exceptions, though. One of my student workers came in, and for some reason when I saw her, I completely lost it. So did she. I made a lot of people cry today actually. Thank goodness for high quality makeup. I didn't look like a total hot mess by the end of the day. The president of the conservatory came by the office today, too. That really tickled me pink because it gave me the chance to tell him how grateful I am for everything he's been doing for the school. I feel like he and I have had more frequent, substantive conversations since the announcement of my departure. Very cool dude.

Then there was my private moment with my boss, Karl Paulnack, at the end of the day. That was one of the few times I really fell apart. Karl gave me a wonderfully thoughtful gift: Native American ceremonial tobacco. I often overshare on here, so I'm going to keep the contents of that conversation to myself this time. All I'll say is that this gift is special, and I will treasure it most of all.

Karl Paulnack and myself outside The Boston Conservatory

Karl is basically a celebrity in some circles- mostly because of a speech he gave the the parents of the incoming freshmen in 2004. While I was working for him in 2009, his speech suddenly went viral in a major way. He's buddies with Linda Ronstadt now because of this speech. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND SPEND 10 MINUTES READING THIS. Yes, I just yelled at you.

Lastly, what I'd like to share with you about two are the two e-mails I sent to large populations of people at The Boston Conservatory. I woke up early this morning, and cried a little because I didn't really want to go to work to and have my last day there. I spent a while in the 7 o'clock hour composing  this message to all of the music students:

Date: Fri, Oct 5, 2012 at 8:02 AM

Subject: Katy's Last Day

Hey Gang!!

Before they like turn off my e-mail privileges later today, I want to send you a quick note about how proud I am of all of you. 

I'm so proud of all of you. 

The last 4+ years have been magical for me, and I hope you feel the same way about your own BoCo experience. Today is my last day before moving on with my own life, and I have strong feelings of both sadness and joy: sadness that I won't be here to see you off at commencement, rock your recital, or be a total badass in your next major concert, but joy that I had SOME part in your experience here. 

I have two pieces of advice for you. 

1- Find a way do what you love in life. If you want to move to Alaska, find a way. If you find yourself unhappy in a job, run away. Life is too short to waste on bullshit. 

2- Sunscreen. 

You are extremely lucky to be students at The Boston Conservatory. It may be challenging at times, but keep in mind that you are part of a small population of the world that gets to go to music school. 

Anyway, I could go on, but instead, I'd rather you'd stop by my office today some time. I will be "holding court" from ~10am-5pm. I will be receiving guests, gifts and hugs all day. Even if you don't think I know you (I probably do, by the way), you should come by anyway. You can also come meet "New Katy"- Andrew Tremblay. He's your new best friend. 

Keep in touch. If you ever find yourself in Alaska, give me a buzz. My door will always be open to you. 

Go get 'em. 

PS- I'd better leave you one or two last lolcats for the road, eh?

Inline image 1

Inline image 2

I have a reputation there about the lolcats. Maybe I'll explain later. 

Similarly, I composed an e-mail that I sent to all staff and music faculty later in the day. That was went like this:

Date: Fri, Oct 5, 2012 at 3:13 PM
Subject: Until Next Time

Wellllllllllllll, shoot.

You all know I can't really begin to express my gratitude to you all. The Boston Conservatory is a special place, and even though we have our ups and downs, I wake up every day happy to come to work! Except for today. I woke up today and cried a little bit.

I'm off on my new adventure next Thursday. I was speaking with my cousin the other day, and I told him how difficult it will be to drive out the Mass Pike next Thursday and see Boston in my rear view mirror. "I might have an episode and drive off the road," I said. My very wise cousin replied, "Don't look in the rear view mirror. Look at the pavement on the road ahead." That made me feel much much better, but still, I will greatly miss Boston and working here with you.

I'm incredibly excited for The Boston Conservatory. I'm loving the plans for the new building. The quality of everything here just keeps getting higher and higher. I feel very fortunate to have been part of this little piece of BoCo history, and I wish I could be here to see it into the future. I definitely will be keeping tabs on you.

My cat and I will arrive in Juneau, Alaska in the wee hours of October 22. If you are interested in living vicariously through me, you can follow my blog, Katy Goes North ( I also encourage you to keep in touch via e-mail, phone or snail mail. My details are below. You'll always be welcome in Alaska!

Take the opportunities in life, take a few risks, and make a few mistakes.

And sunscreen. Wear sunscreen.

Go get 'em.

I was told by several people at these e-mails caused some tears today. Happy tears, I hope. 

Now, I'm unemployed. Hmm. 

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