Thursday, October 4, 2012

I am the BoCo love

I haven't written much about The Boston Conservatory- my professional home of the last 4+ years. The conservatory ("BoCo") deserves a huge blog post. I'm not sure I have the capacity for a post of that magnitude right now (I'm only starting to compose at 1:03am).

My BoCo Boys and Me

The Boston Conservatory is an amazing for several reasons. It's a fantastic school- we provide college-level performing arts education in music, dance and theater. The caliber of the students and faculty are high, and that's quite a modest statement. We have an amazing community at the school, and it's been a VERY important place for me. I've worked in the Music Division Office, and I was the hub of communication and management for all things music for the school. Not to toot my own horn, but I was damn good at my job, and I received immense pleasure by serving the entire BoCo community. I've grown as a person and as an administrator there. I've had the best boss in the world, and every day is an adventure of immense fun and joy. One of the two main reasons I hadn't already moved to Alaska by now is the conservatory. I love it, and it loves me.

I could really go on and on and on, and perhaps I'll be able to in a future post, but for now, I will tell you about my day today. We had my official farewell party at 5pm today, and then we moved over to the BoCo bar-hangout, Woody's, afterwards. I'm surprised I didn't sob more than I did. To start the festivities  I was first serenaded by four lovely gentlemen from Phi Mu Alpha (the music fraternity). We didn't catch it on film but here is video of brothers from another chapter singing the same song:

Yeah, I bawled my eyes out. Thank you George Milosh, Sal Atti, Johnathan Price, and Ian Bowling!!!! I can't wait until they're all huge opera stars, and I can tell this story to people and have them not believe me.

The formal party was wonderful. My boss, Karl, brought me up on stage in front of 50 people or so and toasted me. He had wonderful things to say, and I had wonderful things to respond with. Karl also deserves a separate blog post... perhaps later. Can't process now. We had a slideshow of images from my Alaskan adventures going on a big TV in the room, and lots of Katy-themed trinkets scattered around (an couple of Alaska flags, jackalope figurines and lolcat books).

Me and the Maestro, Bruce Hangen

Student Government Association Reps

My boss, Karl Paulnack, and myself

Talented ladies

More talented people

Mix CDs!!!

Add caption

Keith and Me

More soon.... when it's not 2:33am.

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