Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A day of firsts!

I scored my first job interview today! I go in on Thursday morning. Wish me luck!

We awoke this morning to the first snow of the season in Juneau! It's been snowing since the early morning, and it's light and fluffy snow. Dent has been doing reasonably well, but I did have a little bit of a fishtailing moment this afternoon. Sue and Larry have an extra set of studded tires they're going to let me put on Dent for the winter. Even though I just got a new set of tires that are well-rated for snow, I'm sure I need studs. The road the house is on is 6 miles long and pretty windy so I don't really feel like ending up in one of the ditches... or the Gastineau Channel for that matter.

Walking my auntie's dog on Auke Bay

Denali the Dog

I'm also a LEGIT Alaskan now! I finally got my first (and second) pair of XtraTuf boots. All self-respecting Alaskans have a pair of these ugly brown and tan neoprene boots to deal with the conditions here. There's been a bit of controversy surrounding the manufacturing of XtraTufs lately. They now have most of the boots produced in China, and the quality has supposedly gone way way down. Depending on the style (insulated or not, steel toe or not, etc), these boots set you back $75-$125 a pair so high quality should be an automatic. I met a guy from Fairbanks this summer who had worn the pair he got in high school for 10 years, but his replacements sprung leaks very quickly. I went to three stores today looking for Made in USA boots, but I was unsuccessful. With a little luck, they've fixed the problems because of the public outcry. Don't mess with Alaskans and their boots, I guess. 

My "Alaska Sneakers" and Classic XtraTufs

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