Saturday, October 27, 2012

A blustery Saturday morning

I'm keeping an eye on all y'alls on the East Coast this weekend. Good luck with the Frankenstorm! The current track takes it right into southeast Pennsylvania where my sister and brother-in-law live. My brother-in-law runs a supermarket there so he's pretty happy there's a storm coming. It's good for business! I have countless friends in New York City and Boston, and my folks live on Cape Cod... all to experience something in the coming days. We've got our own weather going on in Juneau- a high wind warning through tomorrow. They are forecasting gusts around 70mph this afternoon and evening. At least it's still sunny! Southeast Alaska has also been breaking records this week for low temperatures. Lows have been in the teens around these parts. Combined with the wind this week, it's been quite chilly outside!

I went out on the town last night. There's quite the bar scene in downtown Juneau. It seems like the the police are pretty lax down there- no one checks IDs at the door or at the bar, and there was a lot of very young people. I might go back down tonight if I can put together a costume that's good enough to show in public. I can't remember if I kept my Zombie Little Red Riding Hood costume and makeup from last year.

Katy at NYC ZombieCon 2011
We barhopped between The Viking and The Imperial. I took one crappy picture at The Viking. 

We were out until 3am or so. The bars here close really late, I guess. I think I heard that bars in Alaska are only required to close for at least 1 hour a day for cleaning. I'm not sure if that's true or not. Anyway, I had a pleasant view to wake up to this morning. 

Just a side note- I finished unloading Dent yesterday! I hadn't brought in all of the stuff from the trunk. Most of it is still just chillin' in the garage, but I'll make more progress on getting until unpacked and settled in this weekend. 

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