Wednesday, September 26, 2012

You are what you sleep on

I'm a straight up hobo now. I no longer have a bed of my own. It's trash night in Jamaica Plain, so I've been putting a lot of trash out on the curb this evening- including my Ikea bed frame and mattress. Apparently people ride around in vans on trash night and pick up stuff they want. I've now seen two different cars stop and grab things from the sidewalk in front of my house- including this bed frame. It's too bad they were in such a rush. They forgot a couple pieces of it. It's also funny because I took a photograph of the bed frame to put up on the Free section of Craigslist tonight- thinking someone might want it. I guess that won't be necessary.

Free bed in JP! Going... going... wait. Where did it go?

Come and git it!
Putting the bed out tonight felt pretty weird. It was originally a college graduation present from my parents. I've had it for 10 years. A lot of sleeping and other things have gone on in that bed. I think your bed, in many ways, reflects what kind of person you are. There are firm beds, soft beds, cushy beds, waterbeds, big beds, small beds, and so on. There's also what you put on your bed. White sheets, silk sheets, flowery print comforters, itchy sheets, electric blankets, and so on. Do you make your bed every day? How many pillows do you have? Do you use decorative pillows that you don't actually sleep with? What do you do with your bed? Anything other than sleep?, watch TV, eat, other? How does your bed smell? How big is it? Do you duvet or not? Temperpedic? Sleep number? Craftmatic Adjustable Bed? Who do you share your bed with? A partner? A child? A pet? A stuffed animal? How easy is it to leave your bed in the morning? Or the middle of the night? The variables go on!

I'm not sure where exactly I'm going with all of this, but I'll tell you one thing: that bed that was just hauled away in the back of a shady white van has been a big part of my adult life. I did a lot of growing up in that bed. I spent nearly a 1/3 of my time in it. And now it's gone. Don't take your bed for granted. Love it. Worship it. Enjoy it. If you don't enjoy it, do something about it. You spend too much time in it not to feel good in it.

This all happened tonight because, technically, I need to be out of my room by next Monday October 1 (5 days from now). I'm going away for the weekend for my going away party so I only really have tonight and tomorrow to finish getting my room ready for the new occupant. Who knows when I'll have my very own bed again. Until then, however, I am sleeping on the floor with a bunch of pillows and my most favorite comforter of all time. I'll always feel at home if I have my comforter. That and my Kameko to cuddle in it with.

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