Monday, September 3, 2012

My trusty steed.

Meet Dent. Dent is my 2000 Toyota Avalon that was a hand-me-down from my parents several years ago. Dent hasn't seen a whole lot of action in recent years because I don't drive to work. Most days, Dent hangs out, parked on the street. Some weekends, I'll drive her down to Cape Cod. Well, Dent is about to embark on a large adventure with me. I'm going to pack her with all of my worldly possessions, drive her to Bellingham, Washington and put her on the car ferry to Juneau. My hope is to downsize my stuff to only what will fit in the car. I might cheat a little and use a car-top cargo pouch, too. I do not want to put anything in storage or ask my parents or friends to keep anything for me. 

Dent has around 150,000 miles of glory on her, so I wanted her to get a once-over at the mechanic before the big journey. I was a bit nervous about the trip to the garage- you never know what they might find. I also asked them to investigate a gnarly sound she was making at low speeds. I wasn't sure what the plan would be if they found a major/expensive problem when they popped the hood. "Good news, Ms. Giorgio. Your car is in fantastic shape!" Really? Are you sure? What about the grinding sound? "Nope, just a rusted heat shield. It's all taken care of!" Well, hot damn! I was sure I was going to crash her when I drove home- the news was too good to be true. I just need her to get me to Alaska- then she can kick the bucket. 

It's really all starting to feel like it's coming together. One by one, the items of the checklist get finished. Don't get me wrong. There's still plenty to do, but most of the bigger and more problematic tasks are all done (like the car checkup and the $900 ferry ticket purchase). 

Oh, why the name, Dent, you ask? 

She's got a big ol' dent in the trunk. A Harvard student in a rented moving tuck did this to her in Cambridge a few years back. I think it adds character. 


  1. I am a big dent fan! I have almost the same kind of dent on the car I often drive -- and I am the one that backed into it. I think it adds character too.

    Those Avalons must be darn good cars.


  2. Go Katy! I've been following your blog and applaud your decision to move to AK. YOLO, absolutely! I'm still riding my motorcycle but haven't been on any big trips since 2011. I'm in Cary NC this weekend, visiting a high school buddy. I would love to visit you once you're settled in Alaska. That would be a wonderful trip for me.