Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Little House with the Blue Lights

I stepped outside tonight to enjoy the warm August evening and a beautiful sunset on Tower Street and realized that my Boston home deserved it's own post. My "House with the Blue Lights" (aka Tuck Towers South) has been my home for the last 6 1/2 years, and it will be one of the tougher things to say goodbye to when I move.

Actually, let me refine that statement... the people I live with will be hard to say goodbye to. Along with my roommates and housemates, we also have many neighbors that form a wonderful circle of friends here, and we have such fun together. It was Kismet from the start- the connections I had with everyone in this circle were amazing, and I really found my niche among them. Over the years, the group on Tower Street has morphed from one form to another, and the vibe has changed with it. We now have outposts in San Francisco, New York, Arizona and elsewhere, but this little street in Jamaica Plain still serves as our base camp. I've been here longer than most, and now I shall establish my own outpost... far north and west of Boston. Some say it's the end of an era, but I say it's just the start of another.

I've certainly grown immensely since living here. I guess everyone goes through a major transitionary phase in the 2nd half of their 20s, but my Tower Street people got to be a part of it. This is definitely going to be a HUGE chapter when I write my memoirs-  it might even deserve its own volume.

This is Rob. He's the landlord, but more importantly, he's one of my best friends ever. I have to publicly thank Rob for being a cool ass dude, and making our street what it is today. He bought our house and a very similar house directly across the street roughly 12 years ago. At the time, they were horribly beat-up and in need of some seriously TLC... well, Rob provided it. Rob cares tremendously about the properties and the people in them, and we are all very lucky to live here. BONUS- he's the hostess with the mostess. He hosts all sorts of fun viewing events in his home... sports games, popular TV series, new movie releases, etc. He's also a great friend, and a fantastic listener. This guy is the bomb-diggity.

Feeling like superheroes over Boston

This is Richard. He's been my roommate for the last four years, and he is also very very special to me. I have two younger sisters in real life, but Richard is definitely my long-lost brother. Sometimes after a rough night, we'll crawl in bed with each other to comfort each other or share epic stories of our historic partying. Late one night, Richard decided he wanted a mohawk... so I obliged him. This picture was taken shortly after I completed the haircut. Smiles remained the following morning.

... and here are a few more shots of my Tower Street peeps and our shenanigans:

Fun with costumes 
On Falcor!

Forest Hills Cemetery Disc Golf

Figment Boston Hooping

Geminja (2008?)

Guinness at The Dogwood


Arboretum Spring

International Pillow Fight Day


  1. Aw!!! You're gonna make me verklempt! We're going to miss you like CRAZY, but you're right, it is a new beginning. I can't wait to visit you way up North!
    James Agee wrote "You can never go home again", but I hope you know that you'll always have a home on Tower Street.
    Bear hugs and all,