Friday, March 9, 2012

Stuff is a five letter word.

Stuff. I've got a lot of it. After 6 years in my house, I've got all sorts of kitchen stuff, linens, pictures, books, furniture, craft supplies, clothes, shoes... stuff. I do not wish to take it all with me. In fact, I see this move as an opportunity to lighten my load. There's a grand tradition of folks who have gotten rid of all of their wordly possessions and hit the road with only the essentials in their pack. While I'm not about to get rid of absoultely everything I own, I would very much like to pair down to possessions that can fit into my car and no more than that.

A friend called me up this afternoon to tell me about one of those "lightning deals" on Amazon today- a light lamp- you know, one of those S.A.D. lamps for the winter- was marked way down. Well, I said thanks, but no thanks for two reasons. For one, I've now switched to frugal, money-saving mode. No more unneccessary spending! Also, I have decided not to accumulate any more stuff between now and the move. If I get to Alaska, and I find I need a light lamp, I'll get one then.

It's scary to think of getting rid of stuff that's been with me for years and years. I'm not a huge packrat, but I have held onto many knick knacks from different times of my life. I have old report cards from elementary school, lots of Burning Man swag (stickers, pendants, etc), old t-shirts, and all sorts of other items that have no value other than sentimental value. I'm going to have to say goodbye to most of it! Someone once told me about a technique to keep your clutter under control. If you haven't used, looked at or worn something in more than two years, take a picture of it and throw it away or sell it. My plan is to slowly go through my nostalgia items, photograph and discard them. Then, I can always have the memories without the burden of transporting and storing them. I'm sure there are some extra special items that I won't throw away, but I know there's lots that just has to go. It's going to be quite an exercize- scrutinizing everything that I possess and determining whether or not it will come with me.

Bug Carnage, 2008

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