Friday, March 9, 2012

The secret is out... to some.

The secret is out... to some. It's been about 10 days since I made the decision to move to Juneau, and I told my parents last weekend. After the initial conversation (which was a tad awkward because of the shock factor), I didn't hear from the for a couple of days. They needed to process everything. Without getting into the specifics of what my dad and I talked about in a lengthy e-mail exchange and over dinner last night, I will say that leaving my parents is definitely going to be the more challenging part of my east coast exodus. I got a pretty emotional response from my dad at first- which was a little tough to take in because he's not usually an outwardly emotional fellow. But true to form, he quickly moved on to all sorts of practical questions. How am I going to pay for health insurance, what I am going to do for work, will I be able to save enough money, etc. All of the fun bits.

The circle of people who know about my plans is growing, and I'm going to try to keep is as under wraps at my job as possible. That could be a problem because of good ol' Facebook. While I'm not going to post anything about my plans any time soon, I worry that someone who does know will say something "out loud", and I'm friends with tons of students, staff and faculty from the college I work at. The good news is that if people do find out sooner than I hope for, I think everything here will remain cool. I have an amazing boss who loves and adores me- and the respect goes two ways. I'm not worried about anyone making things difficult for me here because I am so well respected and liked by the whole community. 

So far, my immediate family and some extended family know- so do the people I live with, my closest friends and a couple of my most trusted confidants at work. I don't really love keeping secrets so I'm sure the numbers will grow in the coming weeks.

Temsco Helicopters, 2010

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