Friday, March 2, 2012


I ran into a good friend tonight, and we decided to grab a drink together. We walked in to the first place we saw that looked good- over by the Prudential Center. We sat at the bar, and struck up a conversation with the bartender. She ended up comping our drinks- it was wicked nice of her to do that! A few minutes later, based on a conversation I was having with my friend, he got me to ask the bartender a hypothetical question: Would she rather A) Work for a year or B) Collect $250,000 for a year, but not be allowed to work? She would take the money, of course! She said, you can fill your time with all sorts of interesting things other than work. She then said she would like to travel!... And she'd move to Alaska... specifically Juneau.

Our jaws dropped.

Essentially, if this woman could do ANYTHING she wanted, she would move to Juneau, Alaska... simply because she thinks it looks like an interesting place. She doesn't even know anyone there. She showed us her phone and how one of the cities she has set up in her weather app is Juneau. "Look, it's 34 degrees and snowing in Juneau!". I am taking this as another sign that I am making the right decision. I'm not the only one around town who, if given the chance, would pick up and move there.

At dog camp on the Juneau Ice Field, July 2010

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